The Stew, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury

In 2006 Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council appointed Napier and Co to advise them on the condition of two buildings,  The Stew and The Maltings, both of which were the subject of separate planning applications for demolition and redevelopment of the sites.

In both cases the applicants claimed that they were in such poor condition that demolition was the only financially viable option.

Neither building is listed but both are situated in a conservation area. Both are regarded as making a positive contribution to that conservation area by virtue of their physical appearance and also because they are the only buildings remaining in this area connected to the river trade of the late 17th to early 19th centuries.

Following a detailed inspection of each building we reported that in both cases the buildings were capable of being repaired and reused.

The planning applications were refused and subsequently the Maltings has been appealed and after a four day Public Inquiry the inspector dismissed the appeal. The Stew was again the subject of an application to demolish which was refused and this refusal was upheld after a lengthy public inquiry.

The crux of both appeals is whether the buildings make a positive contribution to the conservation area and if they do have both applicants done enough to satisfy the local planning authority that they have complied with the national government guidelines.

A new application is currently under consideration  (March 2018) to retain the building but to lose the historic roofs and to extend the building in what many believe will be detrimental to the contribution that the building makes to the conservation  area.


The Maltings The Stew Photos

Sandby etching from mid 18th century showing detailed view of a Merchant's House which is still present to this day in the Stew building.

Drawings of The Stew The Stew Photos

Peter Napier and Co

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