Foamglas Perinsul Blocks

Peter Napier and Co

FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL is an innovative product developed by PITTSBURGH CORNING for the UK market to reduce thermal bridges at junctions within wall constructions. FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL blocks, manufactured from high density FOAMGLAS®, are designed to form an effective insulated joint between vertical wall insulation and horizontal floor or roof insulation. Possessing all the thermal properties for which FOAMGLAS® is well proven, together with an exceptionally high unit compressive strength of 2.9N/mm2 at breakpoint when capped with mortar, cold bridging is significantly reduced and structural integrity maintained. This product is tested to BS  EN772-1. and EN826, Annexe A

Perinsul blocks have been used on Dogs Trust Shrewsbury and Loughborough to assist in reducing heat losses through cold bridging.

Perinsul blocks in use beneath masonry wall to stop cold bridging

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