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WARMCEL is manufactured from 100% recycled newspaper and sequesters carbon which would otherwise be released as methane at landfill.

This 'Better than Carbon Zero' status makes it ideal for those targeting CfSH, and combined with its low material cost, ease of installation and other benefits (airtightness, fire resistance, acoustic insulation, complete void fill etc) creates the best value choice green insulation on the market.

For open panel walls with vapour-permeable external sheathing (which are insulated prior to installation of internal sheathing), WARMCEL 500 may be damp spray applied.

Once sprayed, it is levelled off to the depth of the studs, ensuring the wall is completely filled with no air pockets or voids - even around pipework, wiring or other obstructions. Moisture naturally dries out through the sheathing within a few days.

Any timber framed building can benefit from WARMCEL insulation – in terms of thermal performance, airtightness and tangible environmental advantages.

In practise, WARMCEL can be easily installed into any timber framed structure, in the walls, floors, loft and roof. Its flexible application methods make it the perfect fit for any new build or refurbishment project, regardless of building use or wall specification, and Excel customers can benefit from a network of approved BBA-inspected installers.

Timber framed walls have been filled with Warmcel at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury and Loughborough giving U values of below 0.11 W/msq.K

Timber frame to be filled with Warmcel - Dogs Trust, Shrewsbury

Building with Warmcel