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Ffestiniog Railway.

The Ffestiniog Reailway society in North Wales is a charity committed to maintaining a real gem of Snowdonia. A narrow gauge railway, once used for transporting slate to the coastal town of Porthmadog, ready to be shipped out to the world, is now a tourist attraction drawing in thousands of people year round. This attraction is run by dedicated volunteers, who do not want to see this amazing piece of history ever be lost. Napier & Co decided it could help the organisation by offering pro bono professional services including a heritage building audit of all the properties along the line, with the intent of offering specialist knowledge and experience to any arising problems.

We believe at Napier & Co that it is our responsibility to help keep amazing places like this running, and take great satisfaction in seeing the benefit of our work on local communities and architectural Gems, that would other wise be left to fall into disrepair.

As well as the Ffestiniog Railway, Napier & Co has also devoted time and effort into ensuring ‘The Stew’, which is situated in the old quay side of Shrewsbury, is not demolished to make room for a large new hotel.

This interesting building dates back to the early part of the 17th Century, and is steeped with historical and architectural importance.

Napier & Co used their specialised knowledge of the planning system, and experience with buildings of this type, to ensure the public and elected members had a true picture of the attributes of the building that could potentially be lost if nothing was done to stop the demolition. Schemes and concepts were drawn up, in an attempt to show the community what could be done with the building, if its was retained and restored.

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The Stew.

Peter Napier has been on the Board of Trustees for the Shrewsbury based youth charity ‘The Hive’ since the start of 2013. The Hive is  one of Napier and Co’s supported charities. This amazing place helps to provide young people with opportunities to experience creative activities, helping to enhance and develop their skills, and enable young people to engage in positive arts and cultural experiences. This Charity aims to help young people who are at risk, vulnerable or living in challenging circumstances.

Napier & Co believe in giving professional services to worthwhile causes and projects, that help conserve the built heritage we have in this architecturally rich and diverse country.

Two projects stand out for showing Napier & Co’s commitment to having an impact on communities and the built environment.