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Low Energy Design and Sustainability

Energy prices  have historically been relatively low compared to other costs but that is no longer the case. Growing demand from within existing markets and from developing countries such as India and China are increasing demand for the fuels that we all use for generating power - oil, gas and coal.

As North Sea oil  and gas decreases in availability this places more reliance on imported gas and oil mainly from Scandinavia and Russia who set their prices as demand dictates.

The threat of man made global warming is placing pressures on consumers to find ways of reducing their use of carbon and non renewable fuels by using less or finding alternatives.

Following generations will need natural resources just as much as we do and as these are finite there is a need to reduce consumption to protect the supply for our descendants.

As a result of these pressures many clients have become aware of the need to reduce energy consumption both as a way of reducing costs and also to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and to conserve resources.

This practice is committed to promoting the benefits of low energy  design using PASSIVE technologies and alternatives to renewable fuels.

Recently we have completed a low energy use Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Shrewsbury and another is nearing completion in Loughborough. In both of these projects  large amounts of insulation have been used in walls, in roofs and beneath ground floors. High levels of air tightness have been achieved to reduce heat losses through air escaping through gaps and joints in the structure. It is too early to assess the results but early indications are that the energy use of these projects will be significantly less than other recently built centres.

We have also recently completed a low energy use house in Pontesbury, Shrewsbury where the build cost was about the same as a conventional Building Regulations standard house.

9 Ashford Park, Pontesbury

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres at Shrewsbury and Loughborough designed and constructed for ultra low energy use.

9 Ashford Park, Pontesbury, Shrewsbury - a low energy house for the cost of traditional.