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Best raw materials

Genuine Linseed Oil Paint is made in the traditional way from cold pressed and boiled linseed oil and colour pigments. People often think that "oil" paints smell strongly of and contain solvents. A genuine linseed oil paint, however, contains no solvents but smells of delicious linseed oil. You can almost smell the goodness in linseed oil paint. A traditional linseed oil paint contains no plastic or alkyd binding medium.

Linseed oil paint works naturally with wood

A surface painted with Linseed Oil Paint breathes; therefore the wood does not decay or rot under the paint. Repainting is easy as Linseed Oil Paint can always be applied on top of previous coats of linseed oil paint without difficult and expensive paint removal.

Linseed usage has declined considerably during the last decades as the petro-chemical and paint industry giants have combined to drive prices down and spend millions on marketing their modern paint. Modern polyacrylate dispersion paints have replaced them to a large extent. Their sole advantage is a rapid application rate and short drying time hence why they are favoured by painters and decorators who can often apply two or three coats in one day and get into the next job.

But for outdoor use polyacrylates have turned out less favourably due to their diffusion resistance to water vapour and poor adherence to the surface to which it is applied, particularly to wood.

In the outdoor paint market an increasing volume of well-formulated linseed oil paint is expected. The main drawback of such paints is that a good result requires the application of three thin layers with intermediate drying and ideally a prior application of our purified raw linseed oil.

In modern times with cheap materials and expensive labour costs, linseed oil paints are not the first selection of the cost orientated builder. Decision makers would be advised to use Life Cost Analysis as selection criteria when making their choice of paint as there are real cost in use benefits.

Our  experience

We painted the windows on our office building with linseed oil paint in 2001 and in the intervening period we have needed to add only one coat and that is because we applied two coats instead of the three that were recommended. In that same period of time we have repainted  the pre existing  

Peter Napier FRICS

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