Linseed Oil Paint

Linseed Oil Paint

Linseed oil paint last up to 3 times longer than modern paints (10 years an longer). Not only will the subtle paint colours decorate your woodwork beautifully, but the linseed oil in the paint gives protection and nourishment to the wood itself.

Linseed oil paint requires less costly maintenance than other paints. Linseed oil paint not peel or flake so it does not need burning or extensive sanding back to remove steps between flaked and none flaked paint areas. Flaking paint can also lead to decay if not addressed immediately as water is held in the flakes.

When the time comes to redecorate, all that is required is a light sanding and one and sometimes two coats of the original colour of linseed oil paint depending on the level of exposure and weathering of the paint finish.

Linseed oil paint requires no primer on bare wood and no undercoats. All that is needed in the first application of paint on bare wood is three coats of raw linseed oil. This soaks deep into the wood and the resins which remain after the water in the oil has evaporated serve to protect the wood against decay.

With their dramatically longer life span, linseed oil paint will yield significant cost savings over time when compared with other paint systems.

Environmentally friendly

Holkham Linseed Paints are made from natural 100% pure linseed oil, derived from renewable and sustainable resources. Only natural paint pigments are used and no added solvents.

Tested by several generations

Linseed oil paint has been used in Scandinavia since the 18th century. Initially only valuable buildings like churches and mansions were painted with linseed oil paint. In addition to exteriors, linseed oil paint has been used both in interiors and furniture, internal doors, windows and even floor boards.

Peter Napier FRICS

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