Expert Witness

Expert Witness Work

Peter Napier has acted in a number of cases most of which have been settled out of court. Peter’s area of expertise are as follows:-

Building disputes - identifying building defects, defective workmanship deviations from contractual requirements and such like.

Building Condition - for example in the Stew and the Maltings where the planning authority required advice on whether these buildings were in a condition warranting demolition.

Cases alleging negligence on the part of professional advisers. For example, two recent cases involving historic timber framed buildings where surveyors preparing reports prior to purchase omitted to mention serious disrepair.

Peter will take on any instruction as expert witness where the case will benefit from his experience. Peter has particular experience in the following:

Reports prepared for Litigation purposes

Experience in giving oral evidence and undergoing cross-examination

Instructions taken as a Party Appointed Expert, Single Joint Expert or an Expert Advisor

Dilapidation Claims

Disputes regarding building works

Architect and Surveyor professional negligence claims

Evidence given at planning enquiries

Building Conservation matters generally

Technical defects

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