From 2016 all government projects  will have to be done with Level 2 BIM.

Level 2 BIM.

This involves a  managed 3D environment held in separate discipline “BIM(M)” tools with attached data. Commercial data managed by an ERP* Integration on the basis of proprietary interfaces or bespoke middleware could be regarded as “pBIM” (proprietary). The approach may utilise 4D  programme data and 5D cost elements as well as feed operational systems.

Subcontractors lower down the supply chain should not feel excluded as they can simply add their data to the project BIM model via a standard spreadsheet.

IE NOT full single model BIM.

*ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an industry term for the broad set of activities

Level 3 BIM

would not be implemented for some time after 2016 following an evaluation of the implementation of Level 2 BIM.


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